What Local Leaders are Saying About a Dog Park

Members of the Friends of Oxon Run Dog Park Group—the volunteer group of Ward 8 residents who would support and maintain the dog park—have attended several Advisory Neighborhood Commission meetings to present information and take questions from neighbors and commissioners. And after hearing from us and other constituents, all three Advisory Neighborhood Commissions adjoining Oxon Run Park—8C, D, and E—have voted to support a dog park in Ward 8! You can read their letters of support below.

Our hope is to enlist the help of even more local leaders, including business owners and community organizations, to present a clear and consistent set of community-driven priorities for a dog park in Ward 8 to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Please contact us to learn more about submitting a letter of support on behalf of your business or organization!

"ANC 8C believes that the... proposed dog park within Oxon Run Park should be approved in the best interests of both dog owners and residents who are not dog owners."

ANC 8C Resolution for a Ward 8 Dog Park_TM_20210405070409PM.pdf

"We [ANC 8D] we agree that Oxon Run Park can accommodate a dog park in our area. It gives our residents and their pets room to socialize, visit the park, let their dogs play in a secured area which is leash-free and friendly."

ANC 8D Letter of Support for an Oxon Run Dog Park.pdf

"ANC 8E supports efforts by the dog park group and Department of Parks and Recreation (“DPR”) to propose, construct, operate, manage, and maintain... a dog park in Ward 8—provided DPR works closely with ANC 8E and other community stakeholders to ensure any proposed location balances the needs of all residents who live near Oxon Run Park."

ANC 8E Dog Park Letter of Support 7.8.21.pdf

Presenting the Facts

Here's the presentation we put together to help educate community leaders about dog ownership in Ward 8 and what a dog park might look like in Oxon Run Park! We hope you find it informative, too.

Ward 8 Deserves a Dog Park